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Bolar Volunteer Fire Department

First In Last out.
We are a small rural fire company in the mountains of Virginia with less than 15 volunteer members. We are a support team for Highland and Bath counties. We primarily support Monterey,Bluegrass and McDowell fire companies. We have our own "first do" area but fires in our area are few. We are attempting to aquire "First Responder" status as several of our members are also cross trained as EMT's. With a little more skill training,some long trails of red tape and a little more equipment we will be able to help serve a remote part of the county that is some distance from rescue personell. Funding our endeavors is often difficult as we rely on various fundraisers and donations from the local community. If you would like to donate to our cause contact the webmaster for additional information. Thank you for stopping by!!

Bolar Member Information

Recently retired equipment and some of our Recently aquired equipment

Virginia Dept of Fire Programs
Virginia Fire Marshall
Homeland Security
U.S Fire Administration
Dept. Of Forestry
Virginia Dept. Of Emergency Management
Dept. Of Forestry

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You can reach us through the Highland County Sheriff Dept. 540-468-2210 or direct at 540-468-2644

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